Do you know your Strengths?

o I am working toward becoming part of a team in my office.  I love to work with people and think that as a realtor I will grow more successful if I have a team around me.  So in doing this there are several different test/quizzes that one should take to find out what part of a team would be their perfect fit.  Or what kind of job best fits your strengths.

When I came over to KW I took something called the DISC.  If you haven’t heard of this, it’s worth looking up.  It has been a great tool in helping me read other people so I can better get them the information that they need in the way that suits them the best.  Today I took another test/quiz called Strengths finders 2.0 and got to learn about  strengths that  I wasn’t even aware of.

So take a step back, the DISC stand for Dominance, influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.  Anyone can take this online, but you should read about it then use what you find out.  I found out that I am SCID.  All that together make me the “Advocate“.  This says I am good at being organized, standing up for others and I tend to stand back from a crowd and wait to be invited before I jump in.  Some of you think I am a very outgoing person, that would be the I and to my closer friends  get to see that more than others.

click on picture

Today however I read a book called Strengths Finders 2.0 and that took me a little deeper.  I discovered my top 5 strengths are Harmony, Communication (shocker for those who know me) Consistency, Developer and Woo (have to admit didn’t see that one coming).  So now that I know a little bit more about how I tick others can help me find the position that would be a successful fit.  I do still have one more test/quiz to take called the AVA (Activity Vector Analysis), then all my strengths should be in 3-D and I will be ready to move forward to better success.  These results will come next week after I take the quiz. 

I think after reading Strengths Finder 2.0 that everyone should find out what they are great at and move forward with that information.  Don’t focus so much of your energy on building the things that don’t come naturally to you when you can easily develop your strengths and move forward to success faster.

I would love to hear about what strengths you have discoverd in this new year.

Thank you for ready and I love to hear you comments.


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