What’s up in Timberhawk you ask?/

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Well I have been sitting site up in Spanaway/Fredrickson for the last 2 months.  We have SOLD HOMES!!  YEAH!!  We also dropped the price on our 1678sq ft Sanoma on LOT 23 starts at 189,900!  That is an awesome price for this super cool product.  Plus you get to pick your colors if you get down there right NOW!!

The lay out of the neighborhood makes you feel warm and there are trees and hills and everything other plots don’t have.  There are two parks in this neighborhood and it’s far yet not to far.  Great for Military people in the area, plus there are still programs out there to go 0 down if you qualify.  JUST TALK TO A LENDER!!    I know the weather here is not the best this time of year with all the rain.  But you could be the one to get the deal because everyone else is hiding inside.  Don’t miss out on this market, I hear it everyday that some are waiting…. what are you waiting for?  The market to go up, interest rates to rise?  Every month you wait you risk losing 10,000 in buying power.  What you can afford today you may not in 6 months if interest rates start climbing.

So ask yourself why you are not checking out my video and going out and looking at these great homes.  Maybe you know someone who is thinking about buying now is the TIME!!  I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

I have other video tours of other home in Timberhawk.  If you go to my website agreatrealtro.com and on the left you will see homes in pierce county click, go to Timberhawk tab, scroll down to video tours.

I look forward to answering any questions and love to hear you feedback.


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