Family Teriyaki and Rice

Ken whipped up some yummy teriyaki and rice Thursday night for dinner.  This is a favorite of the girls.  Although he usually does the chicken on the grill, last night it was cooked inside on the gas stove.  The wind was blowing to hard outside to keep the grill lit and the rain was coming down horizontal.

Ken uses the dark meat of the chicken, but I pulled white meat out last night so that is what we used.  He put the chicken in a hosin marinade and woked it.  (that just sounds funny, he walked it LOL) ok I know I am silly.  The jasmine  rice we cooked on the stove, usually we cook it in the rice cooker in the microwave, but  the wind was blowing so hard at our house the power kept going on and off, on and off, on and off, so everything got cooked on the gas stove.  We had cucumbers for a veggie.

The girls have a great time with this meal because the get to hon their chopstick using skills.  We were so proud they ate almost the whole meal last night (minus some rice) with their chopsticks.  Ken said he worked with them when I was gone a few weeks ago.  I am just impressed at how quickly they are picking it up.  I was 22 before I was able to really use them for more than just a few bits.  I thought is also looked totally cute watching them pick up their food with these huge things. 

Thank you for reading and I always love to hear your comments.


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