Birthday Dinner for my Mom!

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Last night we had my mom over for this wonderful dish of Fusilli alla Caprese.  We were celebrating her birthday and Ken’s, although neither of those dates are till next week.  Ken and I saw this meal on Everyday Italian on the food network about a week ago and I thought it looked not only good, but super simple. That way Ken was not in the kitchen the whole day long and he would still come out like it was from a professional. (which most of Ken’s food looks professional)  Everyone loved it which is alway good, we paired the meal with a great wine my mom brought from Apex.  It was their red table wine and went awesome with the meal.

We got my mom a picture and frame for her birthday, this picture was a long time coming.  It’s one were you go and dress up like the old days and they have a ton of props around you.  My brothers did these pictures many years ago and my mom keeps asking me when I am going to get one done.  I saw the people in Fred Meyer a month or so ago and decided it would make a great birthday present.  I never know what to get her so when I find something I always get super excited.  

Ken got a wonderful new toy for aerating wine, and a bottle of White Merlot.  I have never seen this wine before, but the bottle is really awesome looking. He of course opened the aerator and used it, but we are saving the wine for our anniversary or something like that.  He was super excited and I am sure everytime he drinks wine from now on he will be using the aerator.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I alway enjoy your comments.  Have a great day.


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