Birthday Dinner for Friend.

So no Ken dish last night or the night before.  We had pizza Thursday from Papa Murphy’s, then we got to go to an old friends birthday last night. 

Sarah turned 30.  I met Sarah about 4 years ago when we both sold pampered chef.  We don’t get to hang out any more, but we try to stay in contact.  Last night she celebrated her 30th birthday in Stilacoom with a nice get together that included a sit down dinner.  We enjoyed some greek style food that I have not had in quite some time.  The salad and apps were good, the main dish was not to my liking, some stuffed chicken something with a sauce.  The other birthday goers seemed to think it was great.  After dinner there was about 30 min of square dancing.  Oh yes I said Square dancing.  IT WAS FUN!!  The gentleman running the band,  said come join us, and you just got up or he would really make a spectical of you.  It was quite funny. The he did a little instruction, then set out calling the dance while the little band played.  By the end he had most everyone on the dance floor.  I will have to say that was my first birthday ho-down. Ken and I had a great time and would totally have a ho-down of our own if the party called for it.

Happy 30th Birthday Sarah, I hope you had a great evening, I know we sure did.

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