Tuesday Dinner of Tortellini

Creamy Red Sauce with Chicken and Prosciutto Tortellini

 Tonight it was  Ken, me and the girls. Ken whipped up this great meal which was super yummys Juliana has been waiting for tortellini  since friday, but  ” with no red sauce” she said.  This was a meal we were able to share together, it is amazing how many times we end eating together during the school year sometimes, ken and I chose to eat together late so we can enjoy something we know the girls will not even touch.  We try to make dinner good to eat and good for you, but sometimes I think the girls would be happy with bean burritos or corn dogs every night.  They usually get to choose their Tuesday dinner, but this week all extra activities got canceled and Ken got home early enough to make dinner.  So we got to share a great meal with great conversation and sharing of the skate party coming up next week.

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