Sunday Dinner with Great Friends!

Sunday dinner

This was so amazing

Tonight’s dinner was extra special as we hosted for some great friends of our  Nikki and Ryan and there absolutely adorable son Oliver, who in fact is one kid, for who knows what reason, prefers Ken over me. LOL.  Nikki just got back from a trip so we thought we would make something extra special.  First Ken made an amazing appetizer of Custini w/ Bruschetta, then a  wedge salad,  and our main dish was Braciola Beef, and Creamy Risotto.  For Desert we had a favorite of ours Juicy Lemon Custard from Old School Custard right up the road.  LOVE IT!! 

My girls said that the meat taste just like spaghetti, Oliver couldn’t get enough of the risotto and ourselves and our guest cleared the food from our plates with little talk.  We paired the meal with some great red wines and good conversation.

Thank you for reading and I love comments!!


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