What’s for Dinner

So I have been wracking my brain for weeks for a great idea to blog about in between the real estate stuff.  No one seems to wants to just read about real estate stuff all the time.  So I decide that with all the interesting real estate facts I am going to share with everyone what my wonderful husband made for dinner.  If you know us or if you have been to our home for dinner you know that Ken is a wonderful cook and he comes up with some great dishes.  I hear all the time from friends and family who have shared a meal with us how how much they enjoy it and whats that recipe.  Unfortunatly there is hardly ever a recipe but I will do my best to share how and what he put into the dish.

So last night was this awesome dish we love that never taste the same twice, but always tastes absolutely fabulous called brocoli beef over rice.

Click on the picture for the recipe

This is a dish (separated apart) that the kids even love.

I will share at least one recipe a week with picture. 

 From our house to yours.

Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to comment on any of my posts.

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