Got the iphone

So I am so pumped that I finally got an iPhone. I have had it for just about a month and I think it has to be the easiest phone I have ever used.  Thanks to a really good friend of mine who updated to the 4g.  My husband made a super meal for her and her hubby and I got her 3g in return.  I posted awhile back about the iPhone, and am really super impressed with all that it can do and what I am capable of with it.  This device is so much better than the last phone I had, I can actually get online in a timely fashion and get the information I need and get off.  I have waited a year to get a hold of this phone (without shelling out 200 for it) and the wait was so worth it.  I am heading down to California for KW family reunion this week and am super excited I can take pictures and video with my phone and send it straight to my hubby and kids. 

 So Verizon user that have been waiting for the phone to come to their networks was it worth it?  I actually debated switching networks but didn’t want to lose the option of getting the iPhone, I am super happy to know that if I want to switch companies I will be able to still get this phone.  I know everyone has a love for different phones, but for my life and business the iPhone has totaly made it better.

I can search for properties, send listings to client, update my Facebook status and check my email so quickly it just blows my mind.  I am really looking forward to being able to afford the iPad next.  A few of my agent friends have gotten one and wow that is just like a super sized iPhone.  Plus the presentations you can put together and show are just awesome for clients.

So just a big WOO HOO for the iPhone. 

Thank you for reading and I always look forward to your feedback.


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