Home sales to rise in next year

Ok, so here is some really good news I just read about last week from Inman News.  The economical forecast for the coming year is saying the sales will rise 7.9% over last year.

Also Single Family homes are expected to rebound faster.  NAR (national association of Realtors) anticipates sales climbing some 20% or more in 2011.

This is great news for sellers!!

The interest rates are still in the 5’s for most loans out there and if you are a new home buyer or have not purchased for more than 3 years there are a few 0% down programs for you.

 DON’T put off buying any longer.  The prices are down and the interest rates are low.  WHY RENT WHEN YOU COULD BUY!!

Serious people, I really want to know what is holding you back.  What’s stopping you from getting down to your local lender (don’t just stop by the bank), go to a mortgage professional and get the scoop on how to get into a home.  Most of you out just think you can’t buy because someone said something that made you think you weren’t qualified, but you would be surprised what you can do.  If you think your credit isn’t good enough, a mortgage professional can help you get that up.

Call or write me today if you would like to talk more.  Being in the real estate business has really opened my eyes to so many things and I just love to share!!

Thank you for reading.

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