New Contruction!!

So I am sitting at a new home site out in Frederickson called Timberhawk.  There are 26 beautiful homes out here for sale between $199,950 and $124,950.  Come and check them out, we are open Thursday-Monday.

I don’t know if you all have been paying attention, but all those developments that were bare for a year are now getting homes built on them.  The original builders that purchased these lots are not necessarily the current builders.  Lots of builders lost a lot last year, but it made a great opportunity for those who didn’t and man oh man are they taking advantage of it.  Home prices are still very low and interest rates have not climbed back up yet.  I am telling you if you are on the fence about buying  DO NOT WAIT!!  Go talk to a lender and find out what your able to do.  Rents are higher than your possible mortgage payment.  You can’t go wrong with buying, it will only benefit you in the future.   So let me know what is holding you back from buying in today’s market.  If you are out there on the fence I would like you to e-mail or comment on my blog or Facebook page and tell me why you are waiting.

I am always interested in your ideas and comments.  Thank you for reading!

One thought on “New Contruction!!

  1. Kenneth P Smith says:

    How is the market doing in Bonney Lake?

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