eEdge Coming for All Keller Williams agent!!

Keller Williams Realty

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Ok, so the move to Keller Williams could not have been a better one for me or my family.  I have met some really great people and am constantly amazed about the programs, classes, education and work related events that are put together for us.  I am so excited to be traveling to Family Reunion this month and learning all about a great new system that has been put together just for us!!

Hey agents there is a great new development coming for all Keller Williams agent called eEdge.  This new program will allow us to capture leads and take it all the way to closing with one program.  We can put our clients on an 8×8 and a 33 touch with a few clicks (that mean better communication).  This new system is going to make it so much easier for our agents to stay in touch and keep everyone In the Loop.  We can give our client  a link, the other agent and the other clients so everyone can see what is happening in a transaction at any time of day.   If you are interested in knowing more about this system or any other models or systems we use please let me know. Our meeting are open to all agents to come and see what  true Real Estate Family is all about.  We meet every Tuesday at 10am and you will alway walk away with some great knowledge.

If you are a Seller or Buyer think Keller Williams when thinking about an agent.  We don’t just work for ourselves, we work for you and with the whole office to help achieve a sale or get a buyer a home.  Come check out what we can do Together.

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