Your favorite Car?

Friday morning and we are here at the Honda dealership to get our oil changed for the 5th time this year. That’s what happens when you chose to drive your car around for a living. I love helping people buy and sell homes, but the wear and tear on my SUV sucks. I do love my car though and bought it knowing I was going to be in it a lot. What cars do you like? comfort? system? mileage? I wasn’t really thinking that I would be putting 15-20 thousand miles on my car in a year when I bought it, but so far it’s kept up with my demands and still is comfortable and drives like a champ.
I will be driving in this winter weather and am going to be buying new tires soon to do Wear & Tear. HEHE.. I told my husband that I want to be part of the tire buying decision, I know how weird is that a girl wants to help with buying tires, but I just love buying stuff for my SUV. I used to take a trip to the auto store at least once a month just to see what was new.
It will be interesting to see how long this car last in our lives. I have a hard time keeping a car for too long. With all the new technology and comfort upgrades and the fact that I can afford a better car every 5 years. I have the next car picked out two years before we can actually buy it. Sometimes that works out sometimes we change our minds because of price or upgrades available. We have already been scooting out the Lincoln MLX. It will be at least 3 more years so I sure there will be something different that catches our attention by then.
Happy driving on this wonderful friday. I hope traffic is light and you get to were you are going on time.


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