Snow Day!

First snow fall in WA
washington  I-5

Can you believe that there was a 4 hour wait on the freeway last night.  I was getting texted at 11:30 last night of family who was still waiting for accidents to get cleared so they could go home.  Is it really worth getting on the roads?  I know some of you HAVE to go to work, but with all the technology that we have can’t a lot of you do most of your work from home for one day?  I know there was also hundreds of abandoned vehicles on the freeway yesterday and last night.  That had to be a real treat for all of those who had to truck it through the snow to get to a warm place.

Also 4 wheel drive does NO good on the ice silly people.   Did you see any Open Houses yesterday?  If you are a real estate agent did you risk it to show a home?
I decided to work my e-mails and push around paper work yesterday instead and that seemed to work well.  It is a challenge when a lot of your work is at the office and everyone you need to be in contact with doesn not have a fax or scanner, but whats a few days.  I know we have a lot of homes trying to close before the holidays, and there are people out right now getting to their office to make sure that happens. 
Remember if you don’t have to travel the roads on days like this, just work from home or enjoy a day off.  It really won’t end the world and might save a few accidents.
By they way, does anyone know were all the sand trucks were yesterday? 

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